14 December 2005

A Jihad for Hajj

Once upon a time there was a sweet old lady,
palestinian origin but saw the world,
Kuwait and and the West.
One day she returned to the beloved homeland,
and growing old she wanted to preform the Hajj.
Seeing Mekka and Medina - oh what a joy!
They told her "yes, sure you will go!"
You will be one of the lucky ones who can go this year.
Then all of a sudden she got a "no".
She said "What the...! What is this?"
Are they lying to an old lady?
Disapointment. Anger. Sadness.
She took it she didn't have an important enough family name.
What has become of us?

A true story from Gaza.

PS. Jihad means effort.


Haitham Sabbah said...

Normal in the third world, Middle East and Arab world... unfortunately.

However, we also have to keep in mind the other side of the story. Quota by Saudi Arabia.

If you live in one of the loving country, your chances are better to get through. If you live in one of the unfortunate to be born countries, just dream. It might come true. In most cases, it does not.

Imaan On Ice said...

I think in this particular case the old lady was more sad for being lied to, then the rejection itself.

Nejma said...

Poor lady! Did she manage to go to Mekka on Hajj? I hope she did. It's sad that not everyone can go there, but on the other hand I can understand that it has to do with safety reasons as well. But then they shouldn't allow some people to go there 2 or 3 times and other people not even once... *arrrgh*

viviane said...

i entered your blog yesterday and came back today...i love it. i will follow your writing.

Anonymous said...

Haitham- What do you mean Quota ? Whatever happen to freedom? Stop making excuses for wrongs. We arabs better get our act together soon, and join the free worlds, or we will be eating the sand of the sea.