26 February 2006

Moving on

Dear Readers,

since I left Gaza, now almost two months ago, my whole life has more or less been turned upside down. Both from a practical point of view and from an emotional point of view. Even though I love my blogging, there has simply not been that much time for that recently, unfortunately.

But now I'm stepping into "phase two" of my return, being able to harvest some of my efforts during these two months. And, perhaps more importantly, being able to harvest six months of hard personal "work" during my time in Gaza.

So I'm hoping for more blogging coming up.

However I'm no longer "Living in Gaza City"... so it's only fair that I'll go "Living in Stockholm City", where Gaza will be with me at heart. Please follow me there.

07 February 2006


I just saw a man (from Gaza) on AlJazeera that made an impression on me. Having tasted life in Gaza his words, but especially the look in his eyes, made me shiver. Even though six months in Gaza would be laughable to any Gazan, it has still made a permanent impact on me and my thoughts, opinions, feelings and life in general. The man (on AlJazeera) said "I wish the whole world watch!!" standing in the "left-overs" of an attacked car. His eyes were filled with fear and desperation (which would be a normal reaction when people around you are dying - read "Raising Yusuf" for better descriptions) but the thing that struck me was that even though his face was red from anger his eyes were MOST OF ALL filled with hopelessness.


Hope I spelled it right.

05 February 2006

Bomb us, but don't laugh on us!!

I strongly dislike what the Jyllands-Posten did, it lacks respect, taste and understanding which I believe all are things that freedom of speech should obey to. It is also well-known for me as a neighbour to Denmark that they for some time now have had strong anti-immigrants politics that differs from other Scandinavian countries, thanks God (gosh, two posts in a row mentioning the word politics - a personal best) and therefore these drawings feels extra distgusting.

However, I'm a bit surprised to the reactions (and again, my personal opinion is that most things can be solved by conversation). It's good that muslims react, they should, but not by violence. And, for God's sake, Palestine has been occupied for close to 60 years - where is the united ummah to free Palestine?

I just hope after this that we can join forces and boycott Coca Cola - or does it taste too good?

For next week, I'll inshaAllah be Living in Stockholm... Lots of fun stuff coming up!