26 February 2006

Moving on

Dear Readers,

since I left Gaza, now almost two months ago, my whole life has more or less been turned upside down. Both from a practical point of view and from an emotional point of view. Even though I love my blogging, there has simply not been that much time for that recently, unfortunately.

But now I'm stepping into "phase two" of my return, being able to harvest some of my efforts during these two months. And, perhaps more importantly, being able to harvest six months of hard personal "work" during my time in Gaza.

So I'm hoping for more blogging coming up.

However I'm no longer "Living in Gaza City"... so it's only fair that I'll go "Living in Stockholm City", where Gaza will be with me at heart. Please follow me there.


Stacy said...

I have recently discovered your journal and have gone back and read the entries from the beginning. I've enjoyed it very much, especially your first hand accounts of life in Gaza and your concerns as a wife and mother. I'm looking forward to new entries in Living in Stockholm City.

Imaan On Ice said...

Thanks Stacy! Welcome!

Skylark said...
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Mohammed Is A Woman, Peace Be Upon Her said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Imaan,

I'm a blogger from Athens Greece. I found your Gaza blog through the blog of an American living in Greece who linked to the blog of a Canadian living in Albania who linked to a expat in Korea who linked to your blog.

I clicked totally by accident but I'm so glad I did. I read the last couple of entries and was hooked. I realized I too had to go all the way back to the beginning and read the whole blog.

Your style of writing is fantastic, your pictures are amazing and you've given me a totally different perspective of Gaza and it's people. Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

I have only just discovered your blog-journal from a link at the great Abu Sinan's blog -

- I look forward to reading your articles and posts very much my friend -

- I live just across the water from you (almost!) in Scotland -


Haider Droubi said...

imaan..very nice blog...waiting to read about yr new life

faiq Shaikh said...

Salam sister,

somehow i reached your blog and read all entries,first of all i appreciate your efforts to settle down in gaza and try thier best to give your childs an islamic culture.

secondly it is so sad to read such a bad situation of our gaza muslim brother and sister.

May Allah reward to your efforts.Ameen
May Allah strengthen palestinian to get independence.Ameen
May Allah protect Muslims all around the world.Ameen

brother from pakistan,

ArabLady said...

i am glade that i passed by ur blog...it sounds that i have to go thro all the entries from the very beginning too!!!

waiting 4 ur updates......!

Naj said...

Hi Imaan, i just discovered this blog. i think that is informative and interesting. i enjoyed reading some of what you have. I am trying to start my own blog, i am in Gaza,..and i grew up in Gaza. i left for a year and a half during election period, and now,...i am here. As you maybe following...it is bad.
Good luck with everything ...

Naj said...

Hi Imaan,
i have just discovered your blog... i really think it is infromative and interesting.. i enjoyed reading some of your posts.
i am trying to start my blog...i am in Gaza. i grew up in GAza, i left for one year and a half during the elections..and now i am here..and ..it is kind of..bad.
but lets hope for the better...hope it will work sometime soon,
Best of luck,

Seyed Amir said...

Hello Imaan,

I'm an IT specialist from Iran. I found your Gaza blog causally.
I was a very short time visit from Beirut,the Bride of Meadle east.

Here in Iran,we are very worrywart about these unpleasant happening in Palestin and Lebanon.Hope you all Muslim and other unitarian people live in peace.
I'll come back and read your pionts.

God bless you.

Your Little Brother
Seyed Amir

ArabLady said...

where r u iman..yalla waiting 4 ur posts......
stay safe

Hanna said...

Hej Iman!
Läste en del av din blogg och tycker den är intressant. Jag heter Hanna och bor i Småland i södra Sverige. Jag bryr mig mkt om situationen i Israel/Palestina och intresserar mig mkt för hur den palestinska befolkningen har det, så det var intressant att läsa om hur du har haft det i Gaza. Har dock inte hunnit läsa allt än.
Jag skulle också gärna vilja besöka Palestina, särskilt Gaza city och ett flyktingläger på Västbanken som heter Dheisheh. Har en kompis som heter Huda, hon bor i Dheisheh. Förresten läste jag en gång om en tjej som heter just Iman, hon bor Dheisheh hopn med och är 18 år nu tror jag...jag tycker namnet Iman är väldigt fint.

Hoppas du hade det bra i Gaza. Ta hand om dig, ha det bra. kram

Hanna (again) said...


min mejladdress om du vill skriva.. kram

Dr@ma Div@ said...

greetings from malaysia...

glad that I was accidentally discovered your blog and got the chance to read it... keep blogging, sis...

wish you the best always...

rami said...


I am hosting lisa goldman in orebro in two weeks. we will have a blogger meet up in sthlm for bloggers in sweden concerned with the middle east. we really would like you to join! can you please send me an email as soon as you get this. (ramigard@gmail.com)

ha det bra!