05 February 2007

Imaan is back

One year has passed. Yes.

For me, a very dramatic year filled with hard work and all sorts of troubles. Of course joy as well, let's not all complain.

Let me say this; I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL!!

Now I feel ready to pick up my blogging again. I've turned things in and out in my head, but I've come to some sort of conclusion about how I want my blog to be (or not to be). So here we are again, at Living in Gaza City-blogspot. This time I'm Imaan On Ice.

Oh, you will understand by time.

Dedicated bloggers will know what gave me a jumpstart. Believe it or not, I have been planning for some time to reblogg again, but this lady's calling simply made it irresistable.


Judy said...

Welcome back.... on ice or off it. Hope we see lots more from you, and photos too.

Lisa said...

That was fast! I had such a wonderful time with you last night. And this morning I ate your Wasabrod for breakfast - delicious!

Ibn ad Dunya said...

Trevligt att ha dig tillbaka! I ´ve been a huge fan. Looking forward to your postings.

UmmJannah said...

Hi Imaan! I am so happy your back and I look foward to reading your blog again. Welcome back I missed you!

Imaan On Ice said...

Thank you all, I'm so glad you're back!! //Imaan

EllasDevil said...

Guess who's back!!
Back again!!
Imaan is back!
Tell your friends!!


Welcome back!!

BuJ said...

hala walla! welcome back!
I was actually wondering what happened to your blog a few days back.. and nothing showed on itoot.. and boom ur back.

looking forward to some interesting reading!