25 February 2007

A must read...

An absolute must read over at Dr Mona's. The first part of her trip to Ireland, as she was invited to give lectures about the situation for women in conflict areas, and the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which relates to women's safety and security.

Here are some parts, to attract you.

Sunday 24th of February
Permit was not approved by the Israelis so I unpacked my suitcase. Sondos was let down but not surprised because in Gaza we always expect the worst and we are always forced to accept the abnormalities as the normal pattern of life under occupation.

Monday 25th of February
I received a call from the Irish embassy telling me to be ready as the permit will be issued any minute. I was really pleased and hurried up from my work to my apartment, to pack up my suitcase again, and wait for a call from the Irish embassy. I didn’t collect Sondos from school as I didn’t want to let her down if we did not get the permit.

Sondos is back from school and is happy and excited to know that we may make it to Ireland via the Allenby Bridge crossing on the River Jordan.

The embassy phoned asking us to hurry up to the border at the Eritz checkpoint.

On the taxi to Allenby Bridge
Sondos cried with joy, disbelief and surprise to see Occupied Palestine/Israel for the 1st time in her 15 years. It is another world yet only 15 minutes drive from Gaza - two different worlds.

Seeing Isareli soldiers so close for the first time, my daughters comment was ‘some of them are nice’.

The whole post is here.


ArabLady said...

Thanks Iman for eveything...include me in ur prayers

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

I write for a Muslim audience. Inshallah, come by if you have some time to read.

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

Ryan Ghadban said...

hejsan Imaan, jag kom över din blogg via Guardians Palestina blogg, där du hade kommenterat. Det ska bli mycket mycket intressant att framöver följa din blogg. Jag är så glad att jag hittat en blogg, "live från Palestina" så att säga :)!


Imaan On Ice said...

Arab Lady - u r...

Nuh, welcome!

Ryan, thank you! Very nice to have swedish/palestinian readers as well. Hoppas du fortsätter titta in här.