17 February 2007

Making a memory

Preparing for a birthday party is a pleasure for me. More than anything else you are giving your child a lifelong memory and a happy feeling when remembering their party. That is if you succed, of course.

This week was my daughter Amal's 5th birthday. Can I belive that it was 5 years ago since she was born, this little active angel of mine? No, I can't. But there's proof. I have to realize.

Her friends came. We eat cake and as much candy and chips and cookies that they could possibly take. They played the "chair-game" (when you put chairs in a double row and play music, when I stop the music you have to sit on an empty chair if you find one, if not you're out) until my downstairs neighbour came knocking on the door and when 7 children opened the door she said "Oh, that's why!".

Pre-PartyStraw- and Rasberry cake with chocolate



MomTo5 said...

Salaaaam,nu har jag hittat hit igen.Jag sjalv skriver inte sa mycket,det ar ju bara min vardag....nagra tips kanske?!
Har du sett Amnes skolbetyg pa bloggen?
Manga kramar fran Johanna

MomTo5 said...

ps jatte fina foton!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see another Gaza blogger! I am wondering if there's a community site for all West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza Strip blogs. Blog on!

Yalattif (www.yalattif.blogspot.com)

ArabLady said...

Belated Happy Birthday to u ..302bal ma nshofik a7la 3arous! be a good girl and ma t3azbi el mama
Hi Iman..Good to hear that u r back to blogging...thx 4 passing by my blog :).. did u prepare the cake ur self? it looks yummy

Judy said...

Fabulous party table!

IsraeliDiary said...

You have a very beautiful daughter. After reading your blog I can see that she's in good hands. Bless her and your son and your whole family!!

Leaving Gaza seems to be the best thing you could do for your children. But I hope that as they grow up, Gaza will be a beautiful and safe city to return to. :)

It's so pleasant for me to meet so many good Palestinians over the Internet. The more I meet, the more hopes I have of a future peace between our two nations.

Nizo said...

Beautiful daughter, Allah Yikhaleelik Iyaha

Imaan On Ice said...

Thank you all, means so much. I'd send ya'll some cake, but as you see it finished quickly!