08 March 2007

A Palestinian wedding in Sweden

This wonderful photo was sent to me by a friend, who attended this beautiful wedding of Kholod, 21, and Mohamed, 24. It captures the great atmosphere of a palestinian wedding. Happy saghrouting clapping audience, a proud bridegroome, a beautiful bride in white, and last but not least, a big old videocamera in their face.
My friend said to make sure I wrote that there was so much love in the air.


rami said...

Hi Imaan.. nice to spread the love!

I've never been to a wedding in Sweden, and mine seems to be consisting of a low profile saturday ceremon at Radhuset.. until we go to jordan for the bigger part with my girlfriends sister and her girlfriend.

I like the snowflake photo you have. in fact I have a tattoo on my left shoulder that looks exactly like that flake - a souvineer for all the experiences I have had in Sweden so far!

I wish I could make it to the protest, but am too busy with my thesis work and dont have much money for travelling at this point. but I will make sure to report on any development with him.

My regards to the family!

Anonymous said...

Am glad to see ur post ja Imaan.
It´s trually as u say, the picture really captures the atmosphere at the wedding:).

I wish them the best and that their life will be filled with love.

Take care, your arabic sister.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

I am sure that most of you know about the struggle of Manal and Nour, the mother and child being held in a Israeli prison.

The following is a poem I wrote about this issue please share it with everyone you know:


Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

Imaan On Ice said...

Salam Rami,

I too had that low profile wedding at Rådhuset. But it is a very beautiful place, so just invite some good friends (of course somebody with saghrouting competence!), dress up and bring a camera and somebody beside youself to take the photos - it will sure be a nice memory. And then u have the Jordan party to look forward to! Good luck and MABRUK!!

Och till min arabiska sötnos - SHUKRAN! Det var din förtjänst!

MomTo5 said...

Salaam Imaan,
beautiful photo.
Do you know that i have problems to write at my blogg here in Syria....some sites are blocked here,thats why i dont write so often.....jakla trist assa.
Good luck whith cooking your Molokhiya hehe me my self just LOOOVE to eat some swedish food while my husband is in Sweden,YES!

Lirun said...

wow - i had never even imagined what the bride might look like..

what a great window into a world so near and yet so far from me..