05 February 2006

Bomb us, but don't laugh on us!!

I strongly dislike what the Jyllands-Posten did, it lacks respect, taste and understanding which I believe all are things that freedom of speech should obey to. It is also well-known for me as a neighbour to Denmark that they for some time now have had strong anti-immigrants politics that differs from other Scandinavian countries, thanks God (gosh, two posts in a row mentioning the word politics - a personal best) and therefore these drawings feels extra distgusting.

However, I'm a bit surprised to the reactions (and again, my personal opinion is that most things can be solved by conversation). It's good that muslims react, they should, but not by violence. And, for God's sake, Palestine has been occupied for close to 60 years - where is the united ummah to free Palestine?

I just hope after this that we can join forces and boycott Coca Cola - or does it taste too good?

For next week, I'll inshaAllah be Living in Stockholm... Lots of fun stuff coming up!


MomTo5 said...

as salam aleikum
it is so true Imaan!

Judy said...

"Palestine has been occupied for close to 60 years - where is the united ummah to free Palestine?"

Imaan, I'd appreciate it if you could clarify where exactly you define Palestine as being. What date is the start of the occupation you refer to? And what do you think is required to free it?

Imaan On Ice said...

I've been trying to answer that, Judy, but I just keep erasing the answers.

I wish I had a good answer because I do believe that peace is possible.

Most of all I was being ironic since muslims are complaining about the occupied Palestine while drinking Coca Cola, if you know what I mean.

Judy said...

I also think peace is possible. If only you and I were in charge of everything....

Meanwhile, I appreciate the irony. And I do know what you mean...

I wonder if you'd be getting anxious appeals from the Swedish embassy to try and get you to leave Gaza for your own safety if you were still there now (like I as a Brit got from the UK Foreign Office when I was in Israel on a four day visit at the height of the last Gulf War).

I have a slight preference for Pepsi Cola myself. Diet decaff version. But it takes all sorts to make a world....

Anonymous said...

Could you please explain about Coca Cola? Why shouldn't they drink it? I don't understand.

Imaan On Ice said...

It's an american product, da.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Ah the danish cartoons... there will be a debate at the end of february on swedish television concerning them. A program called Existens.

I have posted extsensively about teh issue on my blog but I do feel that neither side knows what the issue is or should be about.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I still don't understand about Coca Cola. So what if it's American? Is the Arab world anti-American? And why Coke? Aren't there hundreds of American products sold in the Arab world? Why not boycott all of them? Duh.

Anonymous said...

Imaan Coca Cola is originally a "product" of America but is not simply American.

It's a global company that provides thousands upon thousands of jobs around the globe.

In most of the world Coca Cola is produced by local factories and not imported from the US.
The Coca Cola company is a shareholder company which means it's stockholders who get hurt if one does not drink Coca Cola , stockholders who come from all over the world.And most likely also include loads of pension funds and insurance company cash.

So fizzy drink boycots won't hurt America as much as it hurts local producers and economies.

Just think of all the people who transport these fizzy drinks or who sell them to make money from them so they can operate a restaurant or bar.

Don't take your anger out on a completely innocent product.
Besides most of the imports that do benefit American workers are IT products like your PC from which you provide this......insightful blog.
Probably some Israeli products in there as well btw..as thats there main export product.