17 January 2006

I just wanted to say...

... that I'm still here and I am preparing for many interesting posts about my impressions and thoughts on leaving Gaza, and on NOT living in Gaza anymore and on living in Stockholm again. Patience, people.

For the time being my children are at home (no kindergarten, no school) so it's FAMILY LIFE twentyfour seven, no time for blogging. However I'm running around with my camera (I named it Judy, he he) and it will come up soon, I promise (God willing!).

Thank you for all the comments. I'll try to answer all questions as time goes by.


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Välkommen hem syster :) ta din tid, vi väntar gärna.

Islamic Poetry said...

Islamic Poetry
Thanks for this interesting blog you have.

Liza said...

Hi Imaan,

I've always been one of your faithful readers and have really been enjoying your blog, even though I've rarely commented.

I'm just curious what your take is on the outcome of the Palestinian elections - why you think it turned out the way it did, how the outcome will affect Palestinian society on a day-to-day level, etc. I hope you'll take your time to share your thoughts with us on this, even though you don't usually tend to write about politics.