11 April 2007

You know you're addicted to blogging... TOP5

1 ...when you speak to your close friend about an event you attended a few weeks back like she knew about it, and she goes "...but you didn't tell me about that?" and you go "Oh, you didn't read my blog??!"

2 ...when you make silly comments on other peoples blogs, like "Great blog!!" or "Very interesting!!" just so they will click on the link and read YOUR blog.

3 ...when you've had a wonderful day or interesting meeting and then, instead of smiling happily to yourself and going "Oh, that will make a nice memory!" you go "Oh, that will make a great blog post!"

4 ...when in the evening while watching 24 you get up from the sofa, just to check who and what that "plingpling" in your inbox was, even though you were totally being a complete vegetable. Because it could very well be a Comments Moderation Mission, people.

5 ... when you've turned out all the lights late at night and you know you should have slept since long time and the only thing that's keeping you and your bed apart is the Turn Off Computer-button. Yet, just as the computer turns black and white, you press Cancel just 'cause you had a new idea for a GREAT blog post (like I did just now).

Well, in the name of blogging - good night to all of you.


Nizo said...

"2-when you make silly comments on other peoples blogs, like "Great blog!!" or "Very interesting!!" just so they will click on the link and read YOUR blog."

Imaan, you don't need to do that, your blog is interesting and compelling on its own.

(Did I just pull a #2??? hehehe)

Imaan On Ice said...

Thank you Nizo, that's kind. Perhaps I don't "need" to, put it's all part of the addiction you see. No, seriously, #2 is the one I do refrain (mostly) from. I want my comments on other peoples blog to be about THEIR posts, and I want them to be honest (I'm a saint).

Commenting is like having a conversation in real life (if there is such a thing as real life?); you need to talk (=leave comments) in order for somebody to talk back to you.

So #2 can be stretched.

I think this is turning out to be a #3...

And Nizo, you're welcome to make a #2 here anytime.


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lolll i am sooooo number 3! Very funny and well spotted... (now go click on my link and visit my blog lolll)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Gud jag bara måste dela med mig, jag fick en word verification kod som hette Abufis! hahaha Gud va barnsligt men jag kunde inte låta bli!

Imaan On Ice said...

1)Thank you sis!



Lirun said...

i pathetically do all..


such a geek!!!

how about adding - when you carry a digital camera just so you can create a stock of graphics and video footage to feed your content ravenous blogs..

Imaan On Ice said...

Oh yeah, forgot that one; a blogger's best friend the camera.

Dear God... we're lost.

btw, my dashboard just went turkish on me?! Önizleme, people apperently means publish.
UPDATE; No, it didn't, that was the Prewiev button... ok, Yorumunuzu yayimlayin... should be the magic word then...

Lisa said...

oh well, at least I know I am in very good company. :)