24 August 2007

The wedding

Inside the church

You may kiss the bride!

Outside the church

Beautiful mother of the bride

Me walking up to the weddingparty

The couple arriving by boat


The beautiful location on the west coast

The wedding dinner is served

The wedding walz

The cutting of the cake


Rami said...


John & Anthea Mullis said...

Excellent photos. Weddings are so special. Our prayers are for the bride & Groom.

Tondo Rotondo said...

great post and photos. all the best from catalonia

Tsedek said...

Beautiful, Imaan. A beautiful couple, beautiful photos, beautiful scenery and you look gorgeous, very chique!

Imaan On Ice said...

Thanks everyone for ur comments!

And Tsedek, such a comment got published at once, lol!


Anonymous said...

Salaam Sister Iman

I'm muslim sister from Canada, and I accidently came across your blog. Wow, it's very interesting and thoughtful!! I really enjoy it!

P.S Mashallah you look absolutely stunning in your wedding outfit.

all the best

Lirun said...

do u feel like u totally belong to either group?

Umm Salihah said...

just stumbled across your blog and was enjoying the posts. I love the outfit your wore for this wedding.