08 March 2008

A kick in the butt

... is well overdue. But we have a saying in my language that would translate something like this; shame on the one who gives up.

I've got a few comments here and there and I really truly appriciate it! Idon't know how to put it but it's just too complicated in my world. Maybe one day I will be able to tell.

Please be careful. It's a war out there. Miss you.

Love //Imaan


Um Zakarya said...

Salam Imaan

We're still there reading your blog.

Lot of love and peace


Imaan On Ice said...

That's what I call saber in that case, ya um zakarya! Lol

Thank u

Anonymous said...

hello imaan
i read your blog, you seen like such an amazing woman that is following her heart with courage. that is very beautiful. for me it is very interesting to get to knoe "the other side". i am a religious jewish girl. i want to say that i am sorry for what is happening in gaza right now, it's breaking the heart. i wish war will come to an end. do you believe in salvation? i don't know so well the muslim religion and it's interesting. the jewish believe that soon god will reveale himself to us, then we all will see that all is one- all is him. i wanted to ask you- what the koran says about the jewish people? i heard that the old koraans, from 120 years ago has a different version from today's koraan. worth cheking i think. anyway i wish we all live in peace. you know we the jews have "7 mitzvot beney noah": it's 7 things that everyone in the worls has to live by: not to worship other god exept the one and only creator, not to have sex with anyone but your husbant/wife,not to murder, not to eat an animal while it's alive, not to say something bad about god (curse), not to steal, and to follow the country moral rules. the jewish have 613 mitzvot (rules).. anyway whoever lives by this 7 things can live in the land of israel with us by the torah. and muslims live like this anyway! what do you think about it?? all my apriciation, i will be very happy to hear from you,
blessings, nataly rivka natalygel@yahoo.com

Um Zakarya said...

My pleasure Imaan.

Faithful to your blog til the end!!lol.

Lots of kisses to your children.


Ibn ad Dunya said...

Hope that you will continue with blogging when the time is right. Thank you for a wonderful blog from Sweden´s most famous blogger abroad(Yes that´s you).

John Mullis said...

Assalamu Alaykum Imaan

Nice to have you back.

Khuda hafiz