22 October 2005

Can a blog be dedicated?

Can a blog be dedicated? If it can, this blog is dedicated to Judy. I was praying for God to bless me with anything to make my heart happy again after having spent a rough couple of months in Gaza. Then a mail came to me. From Judy. It encouraged me in a way I cannot describe and it convinced me that I have to continue to believe in myself and that my stay here in Gaza can have a meaning.

I already have a blog in swedish on the same topic, but that one is a polite version for family and friends. Judy is the reason why I started this English blog (and also UmmYousef who started using a online translator trying to understand my posts!). The attention my swedish blog got was mostly due to the photos (and any photographic skills of mine is due to my father, who is a proffesional photographer I'm very proud to say) and be shure that they will also appear here. It seemed that they showed 'another view on the palestinians'.


weblogz said...

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With Love said...


Welcome you to the world of English-language blogging in our little corner of the Middle East. I'm looking forward to reading about your life, as I read of Laila's - it's very, very important for us to try to understand one another as much as we possibly can.

I also look forward to seeing more of your beautiful pictures.

One word of advice - if you log in to Blogger you can change your Comments settings so as to block the kind of spam comments that "weblogz" left before mine.

The best of luck!


Kasparsohn said...

If you've got bloggers like Judy K recommending you, then you're off to a great start, Imaan!

I've got your blog bookmarked and will be checking in regularly, as I'm very interested in what you have to say -- so please keep it up!

(0ne other word of advice, to add to Sara's -- you might want to change your settings so that people can post comments without having a Blogger account -- you'll get more comments that way.)

scholar said...

or, if you don't want to exclude the people wiithout blogger account, you can activate a spam filter. entry one is spam, generated automaticly.

Haitham Sabbah said...

Welcome to English blogsphere!

I've added your blog to list of aggregated blogs here:

Haitham Sabbah