29 October 2005

Garden of Gaza

A wonderful garden in the middle of Gaza City that belongs to a dear friend of mine.


Elizabeth said...

The garden and your home is lovely. A lot nicer than my apartment in New York City, where we are as crowded together as in a refugee camp! (although with a lot more luxuries and freedom).

It occurs to me that the family I stayed with when I visited Gaza City consisted of a man from Gaza, his European wife and their children...I wonder if you would be interested in meeting them? I think the woman at times feels out of place...They are older than you, in their 50s. Their children are ages 18 to 25. They also aren't particularly observant Muslims...let me know and I will look to see if I still have their email or phone number. My email is annerettenberg@msn.com

MomTo5 said...

Salaam Imaan!
Here comes millions of hugs from Syria.I think this blog is much more better then the Swedish one masch allah,i wish my english was as it was before i learn arabic :(
I sounds like an very good idea to meet some new friends as elizabeth wrote about.....
Take care and dont forget my blog ;)

Judy said...

Your garden is really beautiful, and it's lovely to see how much space you have there and in your house, too. Looking at the photos of your house being set up, and you getting your furniture, I kept thinking, IKEA. Which has become quite a central part of contemporary *London* culture. When they opened a new mega IKEA in east London a few months back, they put such tempting special offers on, it caused riots, with people getting into fist fights to get the bargains, and the roads in that part of London were gridlocked, with bargain hunters just abandoning their cars in the middle of the main cross route of north London.... It just shows you there are some odd alternatives to conventional religious commitment.

Who knows, maybe there'll come a day when an IKEA opens in Gaza City.

Thanks for posting these photos. I really look forward to the next batch.

Imaan On Ice said...

Unfortunately it's not my garden (it's my friend's). We live in an apartment building.