30 October 2005

Starting kindergarten

My two dauhgter's are two and a half and three and a half years old, almost like twins. They are both very active little girls.

As I mentioned kindergartens here are more like schools. We went to see many different alternatives but none of them satisfied me, until we found a completely different one. Instead of chairs in the rooms they had colourful cushions and the owner said that they prefered to teach the children through playing. Rare. Very rare. Very rare here, that is. They had a big garden with hens in it (!) and a little pool. They also served lunch, which no one of the other kindergartens did. Of course it also was twice as expensive as the others...

The bus comes every morning to pick them up. They always leave being very happy and come back being very happy. One of few things that worked out very easily for us here.


Judy said...

The kindergarten sounds really good. I hope it lives up to it in practice. By the way, there are potential health issues with the children having contact with chickens if it isn't really carefully supervised. But perhaps they just see them in pens.

andreea said...

please tell me where is this kindergarten exactly i gaza , as i have a boy and i look for something like it for my son. thank you very much