19 November 2005

Beautiful Gaza

This is the breathtaking view from one of my friend's livingroom window. Gaza City at sunset.


ontheface said...

These are *so* lovely!

Anonymous said...

Those skies, that are the most beautiful in the whole world and fill one with total awe, we share...


Tim said...

Thank you for the pictures and your blog. I spent a few days in Jordan about 10 years ago, and greatly enjoyed Amman (sp?).

ck said...

Nice view!

Leah Schloss said...

I am an American living in Israel for the year, and I enjoy your blog so much. Due to the political situation, I am not able to meet many Palestinians, and I am learning so much from reading about your life in Gaza. Your honesty and ability to describe your day-to-day life is so refreshing.

Peace to you and your family.

Judy said...

Fantastic skyscape, Imaan. Oh, the glory of the created world....Thanks for showing us this beautiful shot of it.

Carla said...

It´s so greatful to read your Blog Iman.
As a Jew living in Germany,I do not have the opportunity to know much about palestinians and how living in Gaza really looks lik;and I find just great,to have
at least the virtual opportunity!!!

Thank you to share all that,with us,

Anonymous said...

Why do so many people choose to close their eyes, hide in their hearts the truth about what "Isreal" did in the past and still does today to the Palestinian People. They STOLE THEIR LAND, AND MURDER THEIR PEOPLE! WAKE UP!!! ITS UNJUST AND DEHUMANIZING, WHY WOULD A PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD SUCH ATROCITIES DONE ON THEM INFLICT THE SAME ON OTHERS? Sure its great to see Shalom and Salam to you and your family, but give me a break is that the best you have in you, I'll send you a DVD part, I never knew what it was like in Gaza until I read your blog!! Thanks alot. IF YOU REALLY WISH SHALOM AND SALAM TO A PALESTINIAN FAMILY THEN WHY DON'T YOU DO YOUR PART TO END THE OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE? "ISREAL" HAS AN ARMY OF COWARDS BACKED BY THE WORLDS SUPER POWER, PALESTINE HAS STONE THROWERS AND FREEDOM FIGHTERS NOT "TERRORISTS" ARIEL SHARRON AND THE IDF ARE THE TERRORISTS HERE ALONG WITH THEIR FRIEND GEORGE W. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND TAKE ACTION.

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William said...

Sorry, I really did not mistake you for Greg Fisher - a missionary living on the border betweeen Ethiopia and Eritrea. But, I do admit to sending both of you the same message.

With best wishes,


Anonymous said...

thany you very much really,i am from gaza my name is mohammed i am 22 years old i am have been studying english since 2003 i hope to make afriend
my email is:bohery2000@hotmail.com

Lirun said...

beach looks awesome!!

sad to thnk of whats going on there now..

very very sad..

cant described it..

Imaan On Ice said...

I agree Lirun, I agree...