19 November 2005

Blogotherapy: A Britney Spears moment

This is gonna seem strange, a muslim Qur'an reading gal like myself quoting popstar Britney Spears (and you thought you knew me by now...), but I simply cannot help but sing along with her catchy tunes. God help me. I once saw an interview with her on TV, she was obviously bored and tired having answered the same old questions from journalists the whole day. The swedish journalist critiqued her for singing anti-feminist lyrics, such as "I was born to love you" or "I'm a slave for you". She responded politly for a while, but then told him off: "You know, man, it's really not that deep".

I've already had a Frank Sinatra moment (and been smiling ever since) and now it's time for some Britney-filosophy. I'm trough analyzing.

For a while anyway.


Judy said...

Well, you know I think our Britney is quite profound sometimes, whatever she says. How's this?

Oops! you think I'm in love .
That I'm sent from above .
I'm not that innocent .

You see my problem is this: .
I'm dreaming away .
Wishing that heroes they truly exist .
I cry, watching the days .
Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways .

'Cause to lose all my senses .
That is just so typically me .
Baby oh .

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.

I really like her videos. Speaking as a Torah reading ancient monument...

ontheface said...

Who knew that Britney was such a philospher?

Anyways, don't worry about offering up analysis. I mean, it's great if you feel like it but just plain old stories are wonderful as well. Especially yours.

SC said...


it is always great reading you Iman, whatever was the subject :)

Anonymous said...

I really don't think Britney Spears is profound at all there are plenty other people you could look to.