01 November 2005

This is where I would be...

The person always gets a little extra homesick on hollidays, isn't it? Our Eid is coming up and I cannot help but think of where I would be with all my friends, if I wasn't here.


Abu Sinan said...

I flew into Malmo once. The area was lovely and the people spoke better English than most people here in the USA.

I think it was the one place, that I as a man who is 6' 2" tall, didnt feel tall.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu 3alaykom,
Eid Mubarak Imaan, we would have loved to have you here with us too.

MomTo5 said...

Salaam Imaan!
Today its Eid and even if i am in Syria whit muslims around me i dont feel its Eid :(
I miss my dear sisters in Sweden!
What about the Syrian tv serie ?!!! I am also looking at one and i am very suprise that i do so ;)but it is a good one.....hihi
Lts of Love from Johanna,Syria